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The Leading Platform for Security Program Management

Assess your entire security program, optimize investments, and communicate your needs and results to your teams, executive management, and the board of directors.

Our Mission

Blue Lava helps unlock the value of security, providing the data, insights, and knowledge that security leaders need to develop a strategy and plan aligned to their business objectives and risk appetite.

Built with, by, and for the security community, our innovative capability maturity model (CMM) delivers the framework required to perform comprehensive assessments in both depth and breadth —we use this data to optimize strategic planning and communication for your security program.

Our beliefs


Security leaders are business leaders. Blue Lava understands that on-demand risk assessments are essential to make the right security decisions quickly.


Data drives long-term results. Blue Lava provides the tools required to help forward-thinking CISOs back up their strategies and roadmap with valuable insights.


Long-term planning requires data-driven insights. Blue Lava continuously updates program scoring and provides reports to help you demonstrate progress and build a 2-3 year strategy and roadmap.


Consistency inspires confidence. Blue Lava ensures program continuity, providing a living record that documents assessments, improvements, and program decisions.


Full visibility fosters collaboration. Blue Lava builds connections across the organization, facilitating transparency and accountability on key areas of improvement.


Feedback collection saves time and effort. Blue Lava uses automation to gather data faster and better than what you can do manually, which frees up time for strategic work.

Blue Lava was founded
CISO advisors
Talented team members

We empower security leaders to build, manage, and support security programs that mean business

Our beginnings

“We have the ability to change the way people think about and view the security program and actually run it as a business and as a business function.”

Jay Leek

Managing Partner & Co-founder at SYN Ventures



Our team of security, risk experts, and operators forged connections and ongoing collaboration to build and grow Blue Lava.

Diverse international executive business people working on project at boardroom meeting table using laptop computers. Multiracial team discussing project strategy working together in modern office.

Our culture centers on shared responsibility and support — join our team!


You’ve got questions about your security program, and we’ve got answers.

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