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Feel secure when talking about your security program.

We make it easy to communicate the value of the security program and its progress, in risk-based terms for everyone who needs to know: your team, the C-Suite, and the Board of Directors.

Use Cases

Security Program Management Communicate Use Cases

Streamline Analysis

Reclaim time for yourself and your team with ready-made reports, benchmarking, and dashboards

Gain the Support of Your Board

Secure buy-in and agreement for security program investments and justify budget needs

Align Strategy to Business Objectives

Communicate your long-term security roadmap, tailored to your business objectives

Report Progress

Show security program improvements with consistency and ease, including growth over time and against target maturity

Understand what security expenditures matter most to your organization

Analyze investments

Using your assessment data and findings, Blue Lava aligns the security program, projects and investments to business risk impact.

Simplify pre-meeting preparation for you and your security team

Prepare for the board

Blue Lava provides ready-made graphics and reports tailored to board-level needs including NIST CSF coverage, program progress over time, and improvements against maturity targets.

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