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Information security means business.

As senior executives, CISOs influence critical decisions at the highest level. Linking security decisions to business is both essential and difficult to do. We help you bring the data, insights, and roadmap to win support for a security strategy that maximizes business value.

How we deliver value

Tighter Alignment

Your business growth hinges on persuasive leadership that drives business value. We help you align risks to priorities, projects and investments to connect the security program to business success.

Stronger Strategy

Your security program is as strong as the results it delivers. We help implement strategies to prioritize, plan, and track your progress toward a program that meets your company’s goals.

Better Clarity

Your proposals to executives and the Board of Directors must be engaging and clear. We help you speak their language, elevating the conversation from technical to business-oriented.

Faster Buy-In

Your relationships with your stakeholders rely on mutual trust and a shared vision. We help you create program-investment scenarios to garner executive and board support to justify the budget.

Reliable Insights

Your recommendations on prioritization instill confidence in your leadership team. We help you pinpoint areas where you’re over or under invested and provide guidance on your roadmap.

Ongoing Tracking

Your data-analytics reporting requires consistency and reliability. We help you assess your program and provide reports to communicate the value of high-level security initiatives.

Blue Lava empowers security leaders to create and communicate strategic business value for their organizations.

We start with an assessment that identifies gaps in your program, empowering you to plan and track your initiative and optimize your roadmap. The platform provides all the tools you need to sell your business case to stakeholders.

Platform to measure, optimize, and communicate
Security capabilities to baseline
Reduction in assessment time
Four mentions across three Gartner Hype Cycles

Every critical function in the organization requires its own business application —especially security.

What we do

We know security strategy

We’ve been there ourselves: It’s a 24/7 job, and you benefit from strengthening and showcasing your security program.

Leverage Collective Knowledge

Tap our wealth of knowledge to support your analysis and communicate the strategic value of the security program.

Elevate the Security Function

Provide guidance for technology investments that align with business initiatives, communicating with confidence.

Build Stakeholder Relationships

Tailor communication to your audiences, speaking to your executives in business terms and your technologists in technical terms.

“Because Blue Lava is built by and for security operators, I’m able to do some things I couldn’t before. I can, for the first time, measure outcomes, measure our success, measure and implement programs that return real value in security investment.”

Alex Kreilein



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