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Security is measurable. So is success.

We help you quickly understand where you’ve made investments and find gaps that remain uncovered. You can map your assessment to your organizational structure: both enterprise-wide and by product, region, or business unit. Take action with improvements that can quickly and effectively mature your program.

Use Cases

Security Program Management Assessment Use Cases

Establish a Baseline

Document your investments and pinpoint the gaps in your current security program

Mirror Your Business

Match your assessment to your organization structure: enterprise-wide, or by product, region, or business unit

Identify Quick Wins

Execute simple improvements that make a big impact to advance your program faster

Support M&A

Address time-sensitive decisions —like mergers or acquisitions —quickly and confidently

Run best-in-class security program evaluations that draw from the collective experience and expertise of senior security leaders

On-Demand Assessments

Launch an assessment in minutes and complete it in weeks, not months with on-demand assessments.

Connect risk to maturity and communicate with the business. At the core of the platform is the Blue Lava Capability Maturity Model, architected by the CISO community representing industry best practices and mapped to the open VERIS risk framework used by Verizon DBIR.

Access detailed, actionable findings and baseline your security program and risks against 11 disciplines and 75 supporting capabilities, built by the community and updated regularly.

Scope your measurement from high-level foundational to full enterprise —or anywhere in between

Align your security program to known industry standards such as NIST 800-53 r5, ISO-27001, HIPAA, CSA CCM, or import custom assessments.

Pre-built or Custom Frameworks Integration

Save time and money consolidating assessment data by collecting data once, reusing and enriching data over time.

Eliminate overlapping data and redundancy connecting maturity and framework assessment findings to improve communication with the Board, auditors, legal, and regulators with consistent reporting against industry best practices.

Assess your organization against common frameworks with preconfigured assessments or import custom assessments seamlessly and automate workflows all on one platform.

Access detailed, actionable findings across 11 key information security disciplines and 75 supporting capabilities


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