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Level up your security planning.

Blue Lava arms you with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your security program. By tying findings and security gaps to common risks, you can confidently prioritize projects and investments that carry the biggest impact to the business.

Use Cases

Security Program Management Optimize Use Cases

Take Action

Leverage suggested prioritization and recommended remediation steps

Evaluate Investments

Identify areas of potential over-and under-investment, aligning the security program to your organization’s risk profile

Elevate the Discussion

Change the conversation from technical risks to strategic business alignment

Manage Projects

Skip the spreadsheets and manage your program growth in one centralized location, including Jira ticketing integration

Apply guidance provided to build and manage a security program optimized for your business

Prioritize findings

In-depth findings and Blue Lava Smart Priority deliver the insights you need to strategize and implement your program, improving the security profile for your organization and its security department

Measure program effectiveness as you implement changes and complete projects.

Plan and track

Monitor and communicate your security program performance, including updated scoring and comparison progress over time, across teams or business units, and against target maturity.

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