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Security is only a problem if you don’t have the solutions.

Information security is continuously evolving, and security program management rises up to meet these new challenges. Blue Lava helps you measure, optimize, and communicate the impact of your security program over time.


Measure all that matters

Evaluate your security program investments and pinpoint existing gaps, 75% faster than a traditional assessment.

Perform on-demand, in-depth risk assessments mapping to security maturity, NIST, other key frameworks, and peer benchmarking.

Mirror your unique business structure and analyze your program by function, location, product, or application.


Optimize your security program to maximize value

Prioritize, plan, and execute security program improvements to align with business objectives and risk appetite.

Promote strategic security initiatives that reduce day-to-day firefighting over time.

Use simulations and smart prioritization to identify key investments, compare options, and define the security roadmap.


Communicate the needs and impact of your program

Replace static PDFs and cumbersome spreadsheets with relevant, flexible reporting features and graphics.

Create engaging, data-driven security program reports quickly.

Build relationships with your board of directors, executives, and security teams to win support for investments and program improvements.


Blue Lava Benefits

Access Faster

Plan, launch, and complete your security program assessments 75% faster than traditional methods and receive detailed, actionable findings in weeks, not months

Establish a Baseline

Gain a comprehensive understanding of where strengths and weaknesses exist in your current program, both enterprise-wide and by location, product, or business unit

Incorporate Expert Guidance

Take advantage of the latest advice from Blue Lava CISO community built into the product, and engage with a community of peers

Plan Investments

Leverage simulations and peer benchmarking to identify optimal improvements for the business, consider options, and justify budget needs

Communicate Results

Report on program growth and investment results with consistency and ease, including comparisons over time and against target maturity

Elevate the Conversation

Evolve from technical discussions toward strategic enablement, with risk-based insights that engage your board of directors and executives

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