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Achieving Security Program Maturity


Achieving Security Program Maturity

Ensuring your security program is defined, aligned, and implemented to have the greatest impact on the business

While it is critical for security teams to mature their programs and protect their organizations, it is equally important to have a strong foundation and a clear strategy for doing so. Only then can you ensure that your efforts both maximize your resources and align with the needs of your business.

This Blue Lava eBook examines what it means for security teams to achieve maturity and how the right program framework can guide the journey by setting a baseline and establishing the right maturity measurements. We also discuss how security teams need to do more to evaluate their security program than examining their activities alone. They must look outside of the security organization and use that framework to build a security program roadmap that aligns with the needs of their business.

Download this informative resource now to learn more about:

  • How your security program framework creates the foundation for your strategy
  • Identifying gaps and achieving the maturity goals within your security program based on where investments are currently made and where they are lacking
  • Building a mature cybersecurity program that delivers value to the risk management practices while protecting business growth and driving the business forward

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