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Emily Shipman Blog Initiatives and Roadmap announcement

Blue Lava Releases New Roadmap Reporting to Help CISOs Communicate Their Security Program Strategy and Plan

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Blue Lava Releases New Roadmap Reporting to Help CISOs Communicate Their Security Program Strategy and Plan

The amended SEC Cybersecurity Risk Management, Strategy, Governance, and Incident Disclosure ruling requires periodic reporting about:

  • Policies and procedures to identify and manage cybersecurity risks
  • The board of directors’ oversight of cybersecurity risk
  • The management’s role and expertise in assessing and managing cybersecurity risk and implementing cybersecurity policies and procedures

Bottom line: Whether you work for a public company or private, as a security leader it is your responsibility to protect the business and its stakeholders from evolving cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, this means giving peers in leadership a clear line of sight into your security strategy and future initiatives.

With Blue Lava’s Security Program Management (SPM) platform, built with, by, and for CISOs to measure, optimize, and communicate the business value of security, security leaders now have the ability to generate a holistic view of their program with report-ready Roadmap visualizations of security initiatives. This feature release is a collaboration with our CISO customers and partners in the Community in response to the elevated need to:

  • Create a simple and common language that can be applied across industries
  • Be understood by both technical and non-technical executives
  • Be flexible enough to adapt to shifts in technology and the threat landscape.
“All the information I need is here  – this is very cool and innovative. I recently demonstrated the power of the platform with our executives and parent company, reporting on things that mattered in business terms.”
– CISO, Large manufacturer and distributor of health and skincare products

New Initiatives and Roadmap Features: How they work

The customizable display can be tailored for different audiences and narratives while its framework provides consistency in presenting the security roadmap’s status and progress over time.


Initiatives define the strategic plan for your security roadmap, and are used to get stakeholder buy-in from your security team, executive team, and board of directors. Initiatives can also be used to:

  • Help conduct a cost vs. benefit analysis before spending resources.
  • Connect the security roadmap directly to the risks it addresses.
  • Outline an action plan for addressing security gaps.
  • Provide a way to manage your goals and projects from a top-down perspective (e.g., OKRs).

1-Setup Initiatives (Example):

Setup Initiatives
Setup Initiatives

2-Prioritize and Plan (Example):

Prioritize and Plan
Prioritize and Plan

Security Program Roadmap

The Roadmap feature offers a visual representation of Initiatives to tell a narrative of how you’ll maintain and improve your security program. This holistic view helps CISOs summarize the security program’s strategic plans and progress. Roadmaps also provide:

  • Report-ready visualizations of security initiatives across time.
  • Customizable displays that allow you to tune the visuals to align with different audiences and narratives.
  • A consistent format for presenting the security roadmap, status, and progress from a single location.

3-View Roadmap (Example):

View Roadmap
View Roadmap

Laz, President, Co-Founder, and three-time CISO shared his sentiments. “We are enthused by the positive feedback from CISOs and security leaders. I feel fortunate to work alongside some of the most talented minds in cybersecurity. The Blue Lava Community has helped shape what the platform is today and where we’re headed as an industry – particularly when it comes to preparing for the amended SEC guidelines.”

Blue Lava was founded on the premise of the increasing alignment of security programs to the business. And as with any critical business function in an organization, a security department requires program management in order to successfully measure, manage, and communicate its effectiveness to its stakeholders.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a complimentary demo of the latest innovations in Security Program Management.

Emily Shipman Blog Initiatives and Roadmap announcement