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Blue Lava Eliminates “Spreadsheet Hell” with New Cybersecurity Framework Integration Capabilities

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Blue Lava Eliminates “Spreadsheet Hell” with New Cybersecurity Framework Integration Capabilities

As the cybersecurity threat landscape continues to evolve, CISOs face continued pressure not only to communicate the importance and progress of their security posture to board members and stakeholders, but also to optimize their security infrastructure according to best industry practices. When maturity and framework assessments aren’t connected, security leaders often find working with overlapping information difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to analyze or compare data. 

Security teams need efficient framework assessments that address security gaps and reduce risk.

The most common questions we hear CISOs ask include:

  1. In addition to evaluating my maturity, how can I re-use data to efficiently assess my security programs based on all the standards and frameworks required by regulators, boards, auditors, and industry best practices?
  2. How can I augment my maturity assessment with requirements that are unique to my business?
  3. How can I convert assessment output into a usable format?

To address these common requests, Blue Lava Framework Packs were developed to provide a host of out-of-the-box functionalities to help CISOs and their security teams streamline the assessment process, optimize time and resources and also support common compliance standards. 

Because we recognize that many companies and industries have certain niche requirements or a set of criteria that they prefer or are required to follow, we’ve also developed a Custom Frameworks Services Pack so you can tailor your security program as you see fit — turnkey solution or custom fit, the choice is up to you. 

Blue Lava Framework Packs

You can use the new Blue Lava Framework Packs as a tool to bolster an already holistic cybersecurity program. Available Cybersecurity Framework Packs correspond to industry-standard frameworks including:

Complete with plug-and-play functionality and the latest upgrades automatically installed by our team of developers, our Framework Packs can help you both configure your cybersecurity infrastructure to withstand the current threat landscape and align it to the rest of your business goals. 

Custom Cybersecurity Framework Services Pack

Not only is the cybersecurity threat landscape extremely diverse, but many industries have their own unique protocols and regulations that they must follow. We heard our customers’ need for greater versatility, and have responded by offering the Custom Framework Services Pack. With this flexible solution, customers can specify their own criteria to our team of experienced engineers, and we’ll generate the framework that you need. 

Security teams can determine their own assessment questions, generate assessments based on their unique requirements, and configure their cybersecurity best practices to run on their own terms. 

Reporting Made Easy

With Blue Lava’s reporting functionality, you can create new reports without the use of templates, including reports for framework packs or custom framework imports. You can also combine assessments from different frameworks into a single, comprehensive report.

How We Help

Whether you choose a turnkey solution corresponding to the leading framework standards or decide to go the custom route, our Framework Packs offer many advantages over DIY spreadsheets or expensive 3rd party alternatives. This includes: 

  • Centralized view. Spreadsheets and PDFs can be scattered, leaving your insights dispersed across multiple assets. Both the Framework Packs and Custom Framework Imports deliver a single point of operations by which you can oversee and manage your entire cybersecurity network. 
  • Improved functionality. Less agile tools may not be able to keep pace with the newest industry standard revisions, but our support team automatically inputs the most current updates into our Framework Packs so you’ll always have access to the most recent recommendations.  
  • Faster start-up time. Other enterprise-wide tools may have great functionality, but they often take four to 12 months to launch — and are significantly more complex and expensive. The Blue Lava platform and Framework Packs are designed for managing security programs and can be implemented much faster.

Complete with these capabilities, Blue Lava’s Framework Packs empower CISOs not only to manage their cybersecurity program according to the best practices and requirements of their industry, but also, to better convey its status to board members and stakeholders. That lets you align your cybersecurity systems more closely to company goals and keeps your entire organization safer from cyber threats. Our Framework Packs make that possible. 

For more information about how Blue Lava can help you standardize and optimize your security program management, contact us today.