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Developing Cybersecurity Leadership Capabilities and Scaling the Competency of Your Team


Developing Cybersecurity Leadership Capabilities and Scaling the Competency of Your Team

Featuring Dutch Schwartz, Global Head of Security, Strategy and Industries, Amazon Web Services

In this Crucial Conversations interview with the Blue Lava Community, Dutch Schwartz,  Global Head of Security, Strategy and Industries with Amazon Web Services, discusses how CISOs and other cybersecurity leaders need to expand upon their technical skills and include leadership competencies. Doing so allows cybersecurity leaders to connect with other leaders in the organization and their cybersecurity teams. This, in turn, makes it possible for cybersecurity activities to enable the business to knowingly take the risks it wants to take and then manage and mitigate those risks when they become problematic.

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About the Crucial Conversations Series

The business of security is not easy, luckily, we don’t have to do it alone. Welcome to the Crucial Conversations videocast with the Blue Lava Community — where expert insights on real-world Security Program Management are delivered with, by, and for the most respected security leaders around the world.

Drawing from the battle-tested experiences of the security industry’s most respected executives, the Crucial Conversations Podcast provides listeners with expert insights and advice, featuring the founding members and facilitators of the Blue Lava Community. Get ready to examine and discuss possible solutions to the most pressing business challenges unique to the careers of CISOs and cybersecurity executives.

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