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Building Security Warriors – Leading Teams Without Dropping the Ball


Building Security Warriors – Leading Teams Without Dropping the Ball

In this Blue Lava Community interactive discussion, Global CIO and CISO at GetAround, Mel Reyes, will guide an open conversation on how we can address the crucial task of developing security warriors to maximize productivity, culture and management of our security programs by leveraging existing leadership skills to build and retain a productive cybersecurity workforce.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Building Trust: Discover effective strategies for connecting with cybersecurity teams and fostering trust, essential for building strong and cohesive units.
  • Communication: Understand the importance of tailoring your communication to different audiences, enabling clear and effective information sharing across teams.
  • Adjusting Focus: Break free from limitations and explore innovative approaches to problem-solving in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.
  • Leadership: Unleash the power of leadership by empowering individuals to think differently, fostering a culture of creativity and adaptability.
  • Enable Learning: Discover practical methods to optimize learning experiences and achieve more with limited resources, fostering continuous growth and skill development.

For more information reach out to Chris Ancharski ([email protected]) or log back into the community portal.

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