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Navigating Application Security Excellence in a Rapidly Evolving Security Landscape


Community Meetup – Navigating Application Security Excellence in a Rapidly Evolving Security Landscape

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, Application Security (AppSec) has emerged as a pivotal industry, growing exponentially and becoming a crucial aspect of modern business operations. We invite you to our exclusive one-hour Blue Lava Community meetup, “Navigating Application Security Excellence in a Rapidly Evolving Security Landscape,” where we will explore the complexities of managing AppSec to safeguard your organization’s information security effectively.

The interactive discussion will begin with a thorough examination of the significance of AppSec in today’s digital landscape. We will draw parallels between AppSec’s growth and a healthy baby’s insatiable appetite, illustrating how it has rapidly expanded its scope and influence. As esteemed technology leaders, it is vital for CTOs and CISOs to understand how this evolution impacts your ability to control this critical area of information security.

Application security management touches almost every facet of business operations, encompassing software procurement, contract management, insurance considerations, and software development activities. For CTOs and CISOs, it is imperative to grasp the technical and business justifications behind these security measures to foster success.

As the AppSec industry undergoes swift change, managing its intricacies poses new and challenging obstacles. Our discussion will shed light on the management challenges arising from this evolution and equip you with strategies to navigate these changes skillfully, ensuring a resilient and secure environment for your organization.

Discussion topics:

  1. Understand the various stages of a secure SDLC, enabling CTOs,CISOs and senior security leaders to embed security from the early development phases.
  2. Identify types of attacks specific to application security, empowering technology leaders to formulate effective defense strategies.
  3. Acquire skills to build contracts and procure software with a heightened focus on security considerations, fostering a more secure software ecosystem.
  4. Master the art of crafting persuasive business cases for application security investment, garnering necessary support from stakeholders.

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