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Equity vs Equality with the Blue Lava Community


Equity vs Equality with the Blue Lava Community

While International Women’s Day 2023 inspirational theme is #EmbraceEquity, the reality is not everyone is given the same foundation.

In fact, there’s a critical difference between Equity and Equality. Women can’t always simply work harder to overcome the barriers hindering their success.  Companies and leaders must acknowledge that simply providing equal opportunities is not the same as fostering equity across diverse working groups.

Join Elizabeth Volini who guidied an interactive Blue Lava Community conversation with Dr. Rebecca Wynn, Julie Cullivan, Sandy Dunn and Donna Ross who discussed:

  • How they overcame cultural obstacles to achieve professional success
  • Challenges and biases facing women in the security industry
  • Advice, tips, and resources for CISOs and aspiring leaders

Featured Panelists:

  • Elizabeth Volini, Executive Director and ePMO, JLL (Discussion Leader)
  • Dr. Rebecca Wynn, Global CISO, Click Solutions Group
  • Julie Cullivan, Board Director and fmr CIO, Fireeye
  • Donna Ross, CISO, Radian
  • Sandy Dunn, CISO, Shadowscape

For more information contact Chris Ancharski at [email protected]

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